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Beauty Holiday Hacks

Use The Medicine Containers As Jewelry Boxes

Don’t throw away your old medicine boxes and save them to put jewelry inside while you are travelling. This will not only save space in your luggage, in fact, but it will also protect the jewelry from any damage too.

Treat Your Sunburn With Some Yoghurt

Yes, you heard it right, there are times when you don’t have any sunscreen or other aloe-vera type products to heal your sunburn so in that case, try some natural yoghurt and you will be surprised by the results.

Private Browsing, Cheaper flights

Always switch to private browsing while you are searching and booking flights, this way you will encounter much cheaper flights.

Charge Via TV

If you forgot your cellphone charger at home and there is no way you can find one in the market then head to your Television and charge your cell over there. All the modern TV’s have a charging slot at the back which is often used as a USB slot, so it can be utilized when you are in trouble!

Mark Your Baggage As Fragile

There are times where your luggage contains valuable stuff inside but it is not fragile, and you are worried about the chances of it being lost or damaged. Well, do keep in mind to mark all your bags as fragile, not only will it be handled with care, in fact, you can get back your baggage sooner than the standard ones.

Tangle Free Headphones

People mostly use headphones when they are travelling on long flights, and after 2 or 3 hours, you surely are going to have your headphones, full of tangles. Well, it is no longer a problem now as you can wrap your headphones around a binder, and here you go with a tangle free set!