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Kid Friendly Travel

Try To Invest In A Child Locator

Honestly speaking, when I traveled with my little one for the first time my experience wasn’t good, I realized you just can’t leash them. Little ones don’t like any contravention on their freedom. So take my honest suggestion, invests in a child locator if you are traveling through train station, bus station or airport. The child locator is not at all uncomfortable for the child they have to wear a small unit strap to their belt or shoe and you get to keep the transmitter. So incase if you lose your kid, just set off the alarm and follow the sound to find them.

Don’t Let Your Children Pack Their Backpacks

I once allowed my five year old to pack his backpack and all the time at the airport he kept complaining that his backpack was too heavy. Reason? Well when I opened his backpack I found he brought the entire fossil collection of his just in case. So another honest advice do let the kids pack their own bags but later do check it and edit out the heavy stuff.

Avoid Sweets And Give Them Healthy Snacks

If you are traveling on a long haul flight with kids then avoid feeding them sweets. Pack some healthy snacks like fruits, bagels, pretzel, bread sticks or cheese cubes, plus avoid sugary juices instead encourage them on drinking water.

Storm Travel

Travel arranged

Naturally, this season is wet and sticky and you’re certain to keep running into frightening little animals. So keep mosquito anti-agents, hostile to tingle creams and disinfectants convenient. In case you’re wanting to trek or spend the night in a tent outside, get a convenient mosquito net. This decreases the odds of you being shrouded in bothersome chomps by morning. Acquiring a water-safe sack for assets, for example, cameras, telephones and Visas, and additionally any prescriptions, is an astute speculation against things getting demolished in a sudden storm. While the blasting thunder may give you a freaky alarm, it’s the effective helping strikes that cause most extreme harm. Control blackouts are normal amid the storms, so attempt and keep an electric lamp convenient.

Dress suitably

Odds are, in case you’re going amid the stormy season, will get doused sooner or later. Decide on baggy or light garments, for example, cotton tanks, tops and shorts instead of pants or heavier weaves that will set aside a long opportunity to dry. Bring along dress that you completely couldn’t care less about. Rainstorm are synonymous with clean and soil and sooner or later you’re apparel will endure the brunt of swimming through knee-profound puddles. So attempt and desert the well done.

Wear great shoes

Take it from somebody who has slipped and fallen while wearing economically made flip-flops one too often-keep a couple of agreeable shoes or very much soled shoes helpful. Downpours can soak a range before long, leaving tricky surfaces wherever you go. Furthermore, when those sewers flood and spill onto the boulevards, you certainly would prefer not to be the one tumbling down them. Pick a couple of Wellington boots or gumboots and keep lightweight tennis shoes as an option. Make certain not to carry any new or dear kicks with you since they will undoubtedly get foul really fast.

Bear in mind that umbrella

The most clear and basic stride towards remaining dry, when voyaging, is to convey a substantial obligation umbrella. Since the winds that go with storms can be generally horrible, ensure that your umbrella is not feeble and won’t abandon you stranded when you require it the most. Toss in an additional umbrella on the off chance that you have space among your gear alongside a foldable pocket waterproof shell. Keeping a waterproof shell in your pack may appear like a little thing, however it can shield you from getting wet and sloppy immediately.

Travel Destination Guide in Germany

One of the must see places in Germany is Erfurt city. In this city, you will be amazed to see the Old Town and the marvelous Cathedral and even the Church of St. Severi. Also, the longest bridge in Europe can be found here – the Merchants’ Bridge.

If you want to see the oldest synagogue in Central Europe then you should see the Erfurt’s Old Synagogue dated 11thcentury. You can visit this place either through historical tram or even on a walking tour.

Meanwhile, visitors can experience the awarded European Capital of Culture 2010 in the Ruhr Region – the Ruh 2010. Situated along the River Ruhr North Rhine-Westphalia’s industrial center, this place which used to be as coal mine has been transformed to a perfect place where art lovers and green travelers will marvel at.

Lastly, there’s the Passion Play held in the beautiful town of Oberammergau, Bavaria. This event dates back to 1633 and is held once every 10 years. Thousands of visitors witnessed the famous play of Christ’s suffering, dying, and finally, resurrection. There are around 2000 local people involved in this event which runs for a total of 5 months, usually during the months of May to October.

Those are some of the things that you can do in Germany. To complete your journey, you can also buy souvenir items from local establishments. For one, a German flag is an ideal souvenir item that will certainly help you remember the beauty of this country.

First Germany Trip

Almost everything is smaller in Germany though. The roads, buildings, homes and shops are all smaller than what we’re used to here in the States. The person to area ratio is much higher in Germany so you don’t see many large parking lots, big homes or wide roads.

As a matter of fact, most Germans do not even own a home, they rent! If you’re visiting Germany for the first time I highly recommend you use public transportation, as you can get anywhere in the Country by bus and train and it’s cheap and quick. That way you don’t have to deal with the small roads, parking and differences in driving laws.

Germans are much less personable. Unlike many Americans it is not common for a German to comment on how cute your child is or make small talk while waiting in line. Many people who are not familiar with the German culture may see this as rudeness, but it’s just part of the culture and what they’re used to.

If you visit a public restroom, be prepared to drop 10 Euro cents or so in a donation tray. Very few public restrooms are free. There will be someone actually sitting near the entrance with a tray and they do expect some change.

Tap water is not a normal drink in Germany. Most Germans drink carbonated water and that is what you will get in a restaurant unless you specifically ask for tap water. Also, condiments like ketchup packets are not free in German restaurants.

Save Money On Travel Adventures

The Sharing Economy

When it comes to finding accommodation your options are countless, from hotels, hostels, guest house to even staying with a local family. There are many websites online that help you in finding authentic people in different countries who are ready to share their house with you. This is one of the most economical ways of managing accommodation.

Stay In Hostels

Hostels are the cheapest regarding accommodation all over the world because you pay only for the bed not for the whole room. The dorm offers a shared bedroom experience that ranges from ten to forty other roommates. You get a locker with it so you can put your belongings in it. Most hostels also have a kitchen with it as well. Staying in a hostel is the cheapest way to save money on accommodation. Additionally, you get to meet different people from the world and make some new friends from around the world.

Cook Your Meals

Whether you have decided to live in a rented apartment or a hostel, cooking your food will help you save money. Since getting groceries are cheaper than buying food. Buying fresh groceries and cooking fresh, clean food yourself is far hygienic than eating at a restaurant. There will be no chance of getting sick or paying visits to a doctor. Because if you are travelling on a budget, then you don’t have to waste any money in the pharmacies or hospitals. This is another good way to save money while visiting.


Instead of hiring cabs or going for car rentals, try exploring the destination by walking. Walk as much as you can in day time this way you will see a lot of different places and things. Only use cab services when you are visiting a distant place or travelling in the night hours.

Beauty Holiday Hacks

Use The Medicine Containers As Jewelry Boxes

Don’t throw away your old medicine boxes and save them to put jewelry inside while you are travelling. This will not only save space in your luggage, in fact, but it will also protect the jewelry from any damage too.

Treat Your Sunburn With Some Yoghurt

Yes, you heard it right, there are times when you don’t have any sunscreen or other aloe-vera type products to heal your sunburn so in that case, try some natural yoghurt and you will be surprised by the results.

Private Browsing, Cheaper flights

Always switch to private browsing while you are searching and booking flights, this way you will encounter much cheaper flights.

Charge Via TV

If you forgot your cellphone charger at home and there is no way you can find one in the market then head to your Television and charge your cell over there. All the modern TV’s have a charging slot at the back which is often used as a USB slot, so it can be utilized when you are in trouble!

Mark Your Baggage As Fragile

There are times where your luggage contains valuable stuff inside but it is not fragile, and you are worried about the chances of it being lost or damaged. Well, do keep in mind to mark all your bags as fragile, not only will it be handled with care, in fact, you can get back your baggage sooner than the standard ones.

Tangle Free Headphones

People mostly use headphones when they are travelling on long flights, and after 2 or 3 hours, you surely are going to have your headphones, full of tangles. Well, it is no longer a problem now as you can wrap your headphones around a binder, and here you go with a tangle free set!

Heini Klopfer Ski Jump in Oberstdorf

The ski jumpers will take off with a speed of 106 Km/h, and when they land their speed has further increased to 130 Km/h. From the highest launch point to the last landing is 207 meters of height distance with the tower rising up to 72 meters over the snowy hard ground below. Modern and elegant, the new design tower at Oberstdorf is of a compressed concrete construction with a flying track raked at 39 degrees. The waiting platform can hold 100 ski-jumpers at one time. Reached by a slanted elevator system carrying twelve skiers to the heated tower with waxing areas, bathrooms and a concierge kiosk. 220 skiers can be carried to the top of the tower in an hour.

Also check out the Erdinger Arena in Oberstdorf which is located at the foot of the Schattenberg. Here at the highest jump, which is 125 meters, the Vierschanzentournee takes place yearly.

In addition the arena has 4 more jumps of 100, 60, 30 and 19 meters. Here, you can witness mat jumps in summer in front of a bigger audience as one of the big events in Oberstdorf. This jump can also be visited all year round.

This article has been written by Bettina Kraft. She likes to write Germany related travel articles on Live Like a German – a site for exploring Germany, to learn more about its culture / language, and to find great Germany vacation rentals or holiday apartments when going on a Germany vacation. Bettina likes to help visitors from all over the world to experience Germany in a different, more personal way, and make it easy for them to do so by providing detailed travel tips and advise.

Holidays In The Ammergauer Alps

The Ammergauer Alps, also called Ammergebirge is a mountain range that partly belongs to Germany, Free State of Bavaria and to Austria, federal state Tirol. It is framed by the well-known towns Füssen, Oberammergau, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Ehrwald and Reutte. The border between the administrative districts of Upper Bavaria and Swabia, runs from south to north through the Ammergauer Alps. In the snow guaranteed valleys between Unterammergau, Oberammergau, Ettal and castle Linderhof is a wide net of cross-country ski-tracks and on the first weekend in February the annual König-Ludwig-Langlauf, attracts numerous international professionals to this most beautiful location.

Snow fun in the Ammergauer Alps

Alpine skiing can be fun for the whole family, as much as sledding, ice-skating, Nordic walking or snowshoeing. Ok, the latter first feels a bit like walking on tennis rackets with your legs apart, reminding a bit of Django, but once you are off the beaten track, you feel like a trapper in a pristine winter wonder world. The ski areas of the Ammergauer Alps include mount Steckenberg in Unterammergau, mount Kolben in Oberammergau and mount Hörnle in the Spa Town of Bad Kohlgrub. 150 km of cross-country ski-tracks lead you through the Ammergauer Alps with both, the classic and the skater tracks available. If you or your kids are beginners, plenty of schools are nearby to get you started in your new favorite sport.

Steckenberg in Unterammergau

Here you can choose from 7 lifts and 10 slopes with an altitude between 830 and 1,100 meter. From Mondays through Fridays night ski-runs are offered. At the foot of the mountain is a very good learning area for kids and beginners. Join the fun between the middle of December until March daily from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. and in the evenings between 7.00 p.m. and 10 p.m.

Kolben in Oberammergau

This mountain has 1 chair lift, 7 drag lifts and 7 km of ski-runs with an altitude between 874 and 1,276 meter. Mount Kolben has 90 % of blue slopes and 1 km of red slopes, who are convenient located in wide forest aisles. That guarantees a good visibility on snowy days and that the snow stays long.

Laber in Oberammergau

This mountain is the place of the cult chair lift, that can only transport 11 people at a time and the only way down is Germany’s steepest slope, the free riding slope. Adrenaline will pump through your system on this 2.5 km long and very demanding stretch.

Flower Island In Mainau

Thinking about Lake Constance, the first thing that pops into ones mind is the Flower Island Mainau. It is a part of the district Litzelstetten-Mainau, Konstanz in Baden-Württemberg and in ownership of the aristocratic family Bernadotte of Swedish origins. Mainau is the third-largest Island in Lake Constance and is 1,100 meters long and at one point 610 meters wide. Because of the mild Lake Constance climate an exotic tropical and sub-tropical fauna prospered here with palm trees and other Mediterranean plants. Grand duke Friedrich I started the park with the Arboretum north-west of the Island, where he planted 500 different species of broad-leaved trees and conifers, with some of them being very exotic and valuable. Simply huge are some of the giant redwood trees (Sequoiadendron giganteum), whose seeds came from California in 1853 and were planted by Friedrich I on the Island Mainau in 1864. Therefore they are some of the oldest of its kind in Europe.

The aristocratic family Bernadotte still plays an important role in all the floral display and islands activities. The family manor was built after the plans of Johann Caspar Bagnato (Giovanni Gaspare Bagnato). The construction, under the supervision of Bagnato, started in 1739 and was completed 7 years later. The Baroque manor has 3 wings and include a court, the Ehrenhof and a terrace garden. The manor is still the residence of the Bernadette family and you will see the flag on top of the roof when the family is present. The private rooms are in the north wing, left from the court and are not accessible to the public.

Late March to the end of October is the time when Mainau stands up to its reputation to be the Flower Island. Until the middle of May tulips, narcissi and hyacinths will dominate the gardens and make it a colorful experience for all visitors. During the same time viola, forget-me-not and primrose add to the color. The spring-alley leads to the rose-garden, which was also created by Friedrich I. The Italian style garden is strictly geometric in its form, with pergola, sculptures and fountains. During summer around 500 varieties of roses bewitch ones senses in this garden. On the whole of the island you will discover around 30,000 pedicle of 1.200 different species. A Baroque stairway leads to the manor terrace which will give you a great view and your next point of interest might be the Mediterranean terraces, with palms, agave, cactuses and bougainvillea. From here, you have a panoramic view of Lake Constance and the Alps. The south of the island is home to the dahlias and September and October is the time to be there. Around 20,000 shrubs of 250 different species are home in the south garden and shine endlessly in their beautiful colors.

Mainau is also home to a butterfly house, with around 1,000 square meters the largest in Germany. It is open all year round and visitors will walk around in a truly tropical climate, accommodating the fauna and around 80 different species of butterflies. Depending on the season 700-1,000 butterflies can be admired by the visitors. Most of these species are originated in South America and some breed naturally on the premises. But still the butterfly house receives every week 400 pupae from breeder from Costa Rica, England and the Netherlands with a yearly budget of € 20,000.

Boost Bookings for Travel Packages

Go Social

Social media platforms are used as marketing tools because it is quick and convenient which makes it very effective. It allows you to engage with your customers from across the world, travellers and to get your message out about your business. It is also cost-effective as it allows targeted approach. Travel businesses are moving towards image-driven social media platforms that support influencer marketing such as Instagram, Facebook and Townske.

Highlight Package Benefits And Unique Experiences

Businesses that have specific services and experiences add value to your travel packages that sets you apart from your competitor. It is important to highlight them as it allows your customers to compare and contrast the benefits. If your packages are able to provide unique experience to the customers, these customers will be yours.

Offer Mobile Booking

Mobile phone usage has been increasing and it is important to use this method to approach your customers to offer more convenience, immersive travel content and faster access. If you’re a travel business and you’re not mobile friendly, you’ll be missing out on this valuable pie. 40% of online travel sales are expected to come from mobile bookings using mobile apps and browsers through the different technology devices.


A travel business needs to take in consideration of local preferences and sensitivities for the different cultures and languages the world have as globalization takes over. Localization is necessary if travel businesses cater to customers in foreign markets or attracting inbound tourists. Marketing translation services, Websites and Mobile Apps will be a helping hand if a travel business wants to use a multilingual approach to connect with larger customer pools.

Digital Marketing

There are online advertising tools that allow you to get the message out about your travel packages such as Google AdWords, Bings Ads, Facebook Advertising or Instagram Advertising. Using these tools enable you to reach your target customers more precisely based on metrics such as hobbies, interests and demographics. It is critical to also optimize your ads using the right keywords, creatives, or ad copies.

Build Partnerships

Establishing strong relationships with your B2B partners can play an important role in boosting the booking rates for your offerings. Tap into new opportunities and improve the quality and delivery of your own services.